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Next Steps in Music Ministry Leadership at All Saints

Next Steps in Music Ministry Leadership at All Saints
Thursday, March 9, 2017 James Walker
photo of Canterbury and Coventry choirs in rehearsalCanterbury and Coventry choirs in rehearsal

A plan for the future is unfolding very quickly. There will be two phases to the search for the next leader of the All Saints music ministry: interim and permanent. 

Interim Choirmaster Search

The rector, Mike Kinman, has assembled an excellent search team for an interim choirmaster: Elizabeth Tatum, soprano section leader/​soloist of Canterbury Choir for over 20 years; Melissa Hayes, Director of Liturgy and member of Coventry Choir; Terry Knowles, active member of All Saints (including 2016 Rector Search Committee) and President/​CEO of LA Master Chorale (2000–2015); Gloria Pitzer, long-​time member of Coventry Choir, Co-​Chair of Rector Search Committee and stellar lay leadership over decades.

I am acting as advisor to this group and presented a detailed document that helps define the scope of my work as Director of Music, Choirmaster and Organist, making suggestions of responsibilities that would best be covered by current staff and enabling the team to come up with a job description for an interim choirmaster.

The goal is to call this Interim Choirmaster for the 2017–2018 program year, beginning on August 1, 2017 — in order to plan the season — and ending on June 30, 2018. 

National Search for Permanent Director

Soon, a search committee for the permanent Director of Music position will be formed and begin work, evaluating the needs of the parish (especially through all the data received in focus groups during the recent Rector search). This will be a national search, and the plan is to post the position no later than September, 2017. The hope is for the new Director of Music to begin on July 1, 2018, allowing the requisite planning for the 2018–2019 program year.

Summer 2017

We are grateful that our brilliant Associate Organist-​Choirmaster, Weicheng Zhao, will step up as he did last summer while I was on a short sabbatical. I will plan all choral and congregational repertoire through Homecoming Sunday, September 17. Weicheng will lead Summer Choir (July through Labor Day) as organist and choirmaster. This will provide wonderful continuity to the choir program and our liturgical life.

I have great confidence in how the process is developing, and I am excited for the future of the music ministry of All Saints Church. Sign up for my e-​newsletter to receive updates.