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    Ed Bacon’s 10-​Year Anniversary: Photos

    Ed Bacon’s 10-​Year Anniversary is celebrated with a service in street, Sunday, May 1, 2005.

  • photo of setting sun

    Advent Evensong Meditation 2004

    Charmed and challenged by Handel’s Messiah

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    Imagine how it is for God to have this kind of time with you.

    — My spiritual director on an eight-​day silent retreat
  • photo of James conducting at Oregon Bach Festival
    Photo Galleries, Timeline All Saints

    Sabbatical 1998 Photos

    Oregon Bach Festival, Paris, South Africa

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    From Dallas to Capetown: Sabbatical 1998 Reflections

    Presentation for Rector’s Forum at All Saints Church

    On sabbatical, James Walker visits Dallas, Chicago, New York City, Boston, London, Paris, Taize, Cape Town and Johannesburg. And is selected to spend June and July with Helmuth Rilling in a Conducting Masterclass at Oregon Bach Festival.

  • photo of James Walker

    The Audience Listens Intently

    They’re moved. They’re entertained. Their understanding is expanded. James Walker’s handling of the instrument is incredibly powerful. His performance is breath-​taking, but there’s more… Walker’s rapport with the audience is established from the beginning through his entertaining and informal story-​telling…

  • photo of concert marketing postcard

    The Tools of a Professional

    Some say “the clothes make the man,” but in the world of organ performance, this is hardly ever true. The clothes of a professional musician like James Walker are only one of the many tools used to heighten and enrich…

  • photo of concert marketing postcard

    Intense, Sensitive, Articulate, Facility

    Just a few words used to describe one of the most exciting performing professionals of the 1990s — James Walker, Concert Organist. Let him make your next event a quotable performance. “Walker’s playing of Jean Guillou’s Sagas 1 and 6…

  • photo of concert marketing postcard

    The Mind of a Professional

    The mind of a professional has a great deal to do with attitude. A lifetime of training, study and practice builds an attitude of excellence and a tolerance for only the very best in program and performance. James Walker has…

  • photo of concert marketing postcard

    Young and Gifted

    but High Notes Pose a Problem

    While keyboard training is very important at the beginning of any musical career, James found that although the spirit was willing, the body was, at times, uncooperative. James finally made the stretch. And, with persistence and a couple of years,…

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    His First Organ Shoes

    Until the shoe fits, store it.

    Even at an early age, James was ambitious and, it’s rumored, he was a bit undersized when he prevailed upon his parents to purchase those first super shiny organ shoes. Well, today James has no problem fitting into those well-​used…

  • photo of concert marketing postcard

    Early Interest

    Organ Stop Pacifies Artistic Temperament

    Even when James was quite young, he manifested a turn to the artistic. His temperament, while not described as difficult, was always, shall we say, discriminating. One day while attending services without a pacifier, James expressed his feelings in a…