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Bill Cunliffe Transformation

photo of cd cover
  • Tom Warrington, jazz bass
  • Darek Oles, jazz bass
  • Joe La Barbera, jazz drumset
  • Bob Sheppard, saxophone, woodwinds
  • Rob Lockart, saxophone
  • Gary Gray, woodwinds
  • Judy Chilnick, percussion
  • Peter Kent, violin concertmaster
  • John Wittenberg, violin
  • Julie Rodgers, violin
  • Erica Walczak, violin
  • Kathleen Robertson, violin
  • Sharon Jackson, violin
  • Briana Bamdu, viola
  • Jessica Van Velzen, viola
  • David Stenske, viola
  • Kyle Champion, cello
  • Giovanna Clayton, cello
  • Peggy Baldwin, cello
  • David Stone, orchestra bass
  • Maria Casale, harp
  • Marisa Benedict, trumpet
  • Jim Grinta, trumpet
  • Larry Hall, trumpet
  • Tim Divers, trumpet
  • Kevin Brown, trumpet
  • Paul Klintworth, french horn
  • Alan Kaplan, trombone
  • Jim Sawyer, trombone
  • Chuck Koontz, tuba
  • Jeremy Levy, music copyist

Ed Johnson, recording engineer

Recorded 2006–2008 at All Saints Church, Pasadena, California and by Talley Sherwood at the Blue Room, North Hollywood, California, and at Castle Oaks Studio, Calabasas, California (assisted by Joshua Blanchard). Copyright ©2008 Metre Records

Cover photography by Tony Sweet

Listen to excerpts

  • Music by Bill Cunliffe
  • Prelude
  • The Lord Is My Light
  • I Thank You
  • Praise the Lord
  • Comfort, O Comfort
  • Psalm 130
  • Hymn
  • Home On The Range
  • Psalm 37
  • Mass: Introit
  • Mass: Gloria
  • Mass: Kyrie
  • Mass: Sanctus
  • Mass: Agnus Dei
  • The Glory of God
  • Psalm 150
  • Music by Bill Cunliffe and Melissa Sweeney
  • Golden Thread
  • From the very first sounds of Bill Cunliffe’s compositions, one’s soul becomes deeply calmed. Then begins a gentle transformational journey from feelings of serenity and divine companionship to joyful swaying and praise to tears of release and healing to a newfound confidence that one is empowered to go into the world to make it as beautiful as the music one has just heard. We at All Saints, Pasadena, have been fortunate to receive the singular talents of Bill Cunliffe in our worship. Now, with profound gratitude, we celebrate that others through this recording can benefit from this musical strength for the journey.

    Rev. Ed Bacon
    Rev. Ed BaconRector, All Saints Church