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Bay Area Tour: Palo Alto

Morning Eucharist

Bay Area Tour: Palo Alto
Sunday, May 15, 1994 web-editor

Stanford Memorial Church is an exquisite place to sing, and this was a highlight of this tour, leading Sunday morning worship. However, the thing I remember most about this event actually happened the day before.

On Saturday, we had a free day of wine tasting up the coast which ended with a nice dinner in the Wine Country. The bus ride back to San Francisco was at least a couple hours, and folks were falling asleep. This scared me, as we had an early call on Sunday morning in order to make it to Palo Alto to rehearse. My fear (completely justifiable) was that certain choir members would sleep on the way home to San Francisco, then feel well-rested and go partying on Saturday night.

It was on this bus trip that my first "Find the cows in the pastures" game was revealed, keeping (at least) some engaged and awake. Some of those tired faces on Sunday morning were not a pretty sight!

Date & Time Sunday, May 15, 1994
at 10:00 AM
Event typeservice
  • Plainsong Dignus es
  • Orlando Gibbons O Clap Your Hands
  • Healey Willan Rise Up, My Love
  • Leon C. Roberts Remember Me

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