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Study with James

Organ Lessons and Coaching

One-​to-​one organ lessons are offered for motivated students of all ages and experience.

Coaching is available when you’re preparing a recital or special service and wish to do some fine-​tuning.

Choral Conducting

One-​to-​one choral conducting and choral development coaching is offered at all levels.

To start, send an email or call +1 626–840-4532 to arrange a free introductory meeting and brief level-​assessment audition.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I take lessons every two weeks?

Although progress is max­i­mized with weekly lessons, students are accepted who wish to study on a biweekly schedule.

How much do you charge?


What expe­ri­ence do I need to start organ lessons?

Generally, five years of piano study is rec­om­mended before starting organ lessons.

Where do you teach organ lessons?

Depending on the loca­tion, I can teach where you practice, or we can make arrangements with a local church.

What sup­plies do I need for organ lessons?
  • Organ-​playing shoes: Organmaster or Capezio are the most often used.
  • Music for begin­ning stu­dents: “The Organists’ Manual” by Roger Davis (W.W. Norton). It has great mate­rial to get you started as well as an excel­lent selec­tion of repertoire.