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  • I am so excited for you and the new chapter in your life. All Saints Church has been the recipient of your extraordinary talent, gifts, and dedication to its ministry as a mover and shaker in the local community, the nation and the world. That spirit so present in the Music of All Saints on Sundays, Evensongs, or special celebrations has been, and will continue to be a bedrock of what All Saints Church has been, and will hopefully continue to be for generations to come. Thank you! Now go get ‘em!

    Leslie Thomasvia email
  • No one deserves a change of pace more than you! I’m sorry I didn’t have more time with you, this second time around, but I’m even more grateful to be part of Coventry Choir for this part of your exciting journey!
    Bless you and all your future adventures!! Transformational change is the best!!!

    Mary Brownvia email
  • Very sad and very happy for you at the same time. I know the future holds MUCH greatness and happiness for you.

    Bill Cunliffevia email
  • I want you to know that some of the most spirit-​filled moments at ASC for me have been sitting in the pew listening to some magnificent choral work from over the past 400 years. It’s time travel, to imagine being in a cathedral somewhere right after the piece was composed, sung as it is now, but humans loving God.
    Thank you for the many opportunities you’ve given ME as a cellist and musician. I’ve especially enjoyed getting to perform with you on several recitals, as well. I hope that may continue.
    We’ll miss you greatly at ASC. Blessings on you!

    Kyle Championvia email
  • What we in the pews will desperately miss is your musicianship and artistic impulse — in so many ways you make the worship experience come alive through your repertoire choices and the deep engagement of your choirs.

    Terry Knowlesvia email
  • It is hard to imagine All Saints Church without your musical and creative leadership and management of the music program, choir and many performances that you orchestrate. We extend a heartfull of thanks to you for your 34 years of dedication to your music ministry. Mainly as ASC “live-​streamers” since our return to Denver in 1998, we are so grateful to you for the magnificent and spiritual ways you have touched our lives through music at ASC. Thank you for the many ways you have inspired and enriched our lives. Best wishes to you on your continued journey.

    Marsha and Pat Dawevia email
  • This wasn’t exactly a surprise but a terrible disappointment, to me, but also to the church. When I tell someone that ASC is a great church, the answer inevitably is: “Well, it’s the music, you know.” And it is the music. You are that music. I don’t know what we’ll do without you, but I guess you should be doing what you want to do and what will make you happy. You’ve given us 34 years of wonderful musical happiness — and a musical education for me — for which I applaud your patience. Much love, Jim.

    Lu Wennekervia email
  • I heartily congratulate you on the announcement of the departure from All Saints, and more importantly, the opening of a new chapter in your life. You’ve certainly earned it. You’ve developed the music program at All Saints into a one that any cathedral would envy. That’s a major accomplishment by any standard. My best wishes for the future!

    Robert Hovencampvia email