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  • I don’t think I ever really thanked you for what you and Coventry Choir brought into my life. At a time when I truly needed it, the choir and the music cradled me in sacred beauty. I feel such gratitude to you for such a profound gift. You have enriched and changed my heart — my life, as I know you’ve touched the lives of so many. That really is an incredible thing.

    Jill LopezFormer Member, Coventry Choir
  • I haven’t begun to express to you and everyone else how happy choir makes me! When I joined it made such a huge difference in my life, and I’m so glad I get to be a part of beautiful music making every week. And I can tell I have become a much better singer even in just this past year and a half.

    Sarah PhillipsMember, Canterbury Choir
  • It was such a pleasure to come into rehearsal (a little late, sorry), and find myself singing the Robert Frost poem next to Elizabeth, and hear the collective voices under your direction. Wow! It sounded great and it was so fun to add my voice and energy to the group! We are really lucky to have you, and it is a great gift to be part of Coventry.

    Melinda TaylorMember, Coventry Choir
  • Growing up at All Saints, your Widor Toccata was the musical highlight of my year that I would always look forward to with such excitement, and I would make sure to hear it at both services. I’m so grateful that I can now stream it and hear your incredible performance every year again, in what has become a new Easter tradition of mine. Thank you for your beautiful playing, as always!

    Aidan Schultz-​Meyer
  • James, thank you for today. Making music with you is always such a restorative, healing experience. I always look forward to Canterbury Choir rehearsals; I consider them as Master Classes that I have the privilege to attend. I’ve grown so much in working with you. It really is an honor, which makes me proud and brings me such joy.

    Riley SchnitzMember, Canterbury Choir
  • Dear James, I wanted to tell you what a blessing Coventry Choir is to my life. From the first note sung I’ve been humbled (okay, at first I was frightened) by the talent of yourself and the group.

    Last Monday my awesome uncle died unexpectedly. Then Thursday, on the way to rehearsal, my mom phoned to tell me my cousin had died. I could barely sing on Thursday. But the music, as usual, was cleansing and an amazing meditation. Between Thursday and Sunday I could feel the healing begin. What a blessing.

    Thank you so much for letting me be part of Coventry Choir, for challenging us, for your demanding yet kind style (truly unique!), and leadership.

    I feel so lucky to be part of this group!

    Gloria DeCosteMember, Coventry Choir
  • What a lovely gift! There are no words to express what Lessons and Carols, and especially your piece [Magnificat, “Coventry”] meant to us this year… Transcendent? Mystical? Words fail, but we know the spiritual experience you and the choir facilitated was transformative.

    Jim and Linda Bonn
  • That was the most beautiful and moving Advent Lessons and Carols Service that we have ever experienced. The choir and soloists were exceptional (the Ave Maria had Harriet reaching for her Kleenex). Please pass on to the choir our thanks and appreciation for their hard work. Christmas Blessings to you all.

    Bill and Harriet Rodiger