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  • That All Souls morning, there were not one, not two, but three lives to hold close and to mourn. The ser­vice granted me license to acknowl­edge all the facets of death and to do so publicly and surrounded by my community, tears streaming silently down my face. Throughout the rest of the day, your devotion to the music and the text resonated like an echo and kept me safe… Thank you James Walker.

    Barbara LamprechtMember, All Saints Church
  • How many ways can I say it but you amaze me at your ability to find new ways to heighten the experience on All Saints Sunday. This year has been quite a journey for me with my father’s passing, the chance to revisit my childhood cycling the Blue Ridge, and singing with you this morning. When we reached the Lux Aeterna, I had to work to see the music through tears because I could picture my father in eternal light. What a moment and what a great gift you have given all of us. Thank you.

    Ed JohnsonMember, Coventry Choir
  • James, I am once again inspired by your leadership. You do the intangible … provide an opportunity for us all to rise above our abilities in such an uplifting environment. Thank you.

    Stephen McDonoughSoloist, Canterbury Choir
  • After participating in choir this year, I know at deep level how much you and Szymon put everything you have into what you do. Throughout my childhood and through college, I felt as a wind instrumentalist that I was blowing my soul through the instrument. It was a significant part of what got me through adolescence. And through this past year I have felt so often that you have your soul extended at the ends of your arms and we’re your instrument and I can feel the soul connection in what we do as your soul moves through us. It has been an honor to be a part of it.

    Beth HouskampMember, Canterbury Choir
  • Though keenly disappointed that the altos didn’t win the sectional attendance award this year,… I really love my Pakistani carved stone bookends. Thank you for the time and thought you put into picking those out. They’re on my bookshelf at home right now, but I’m planning to use them on my desk at the office to brighten up the boring legal books I keep there.

    45 years seems like way too long to have done anything and almost makes me feel old, but luckily I rarely act as old as I am. Being in the choir over all these years has been a real joy in my life and your leadership and ministry of the choirs has been a big part of that. So, thanks for it all.

    Gloria Pitzer45-​year member, Coventry Choir
  • I just want to express how magical yesterday’s concert was for me. … I do so admire and respect you as a choirmaster, not only for your tremendous talent, but also for your warmth, humor, patience and respect. You always manage to get just a little more out of us each time. Nothing is ever wasted — the more work we put into each piece, the more we get back in the whole musical experience. It is a privilege to sing for you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. …

    Debby DennisMember, Coventry Choir
  • Please excuse our bad behavior in choir. I promise that now on it will never happen again.

    I’m really sorry for all the bullsh*t I put you through. I try to focus, but I guess I need to try harder. Deepest apologies.

    I’m sorry for disrespecting you like that in choir. I’m not really sure how we got so unfocused, but I promise it won’t happen again.

    My behavior was bad! but James I want you to know, that it was an act of absent mindedness and was in no way an assault on you or choir. Forgive me and my section. 

    Four teenagersMembers, Trouveres
  • From the very first sounds of Bill Cunliffe’s compositions, one’s soul becomes deeply calmed. Then begins a gentle transformational journey from feelings of serenity and divine companionship to joyful swaying and praise to tears of release and healing to a newfound confidence that one is empowered to go into the world to make it as beautiful as the music one has just heard. We at All Saints, Pasadena, have been fortunate to receive the singular talents of Bill Cunliffe in our worship. Now, with profound gratitude, we celebrate that others through this recording can benefit from this musical strength for the journey.

    Rev. Ed Bacon
    Rev. Ed BaconRector, All Saints Church