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  • James!
    After watching and reading that awesome homily I have only one thing to relate. That is, without fear of contradiction, there are 1000s of souls and saints who stood with each of those in your congregation and behind you in ministry who rejoice because you were there.

    David Dehnervia Facebook
  • Thanks for sharing this. I especially enjoyed reading your farewell
    message. But I also wanted to tell you of something of which you might not
    be aware.

    I am aware that ASC streams its services. This was brought to my attention
    by a very dear friend, whom you may know. Bev has been suffering from
    cancer for the past several years. So many of us have held her up in prayer
    and she acknowledges how much those prayers have helped her in the dark
    days of treatment.

    But ASC streaming services have been her lifeline. She downloads the
    worship bulletin each week and watches/​worships with you in her home. Your
    music has lifted her elevating her spirits from week to week. When you
    announced your retirement, she was understandably shaken, because your
    music has meant so much to her. I know she will continue to watch and be
    moved by the music.

    I know many have expressed their appreciation to you in these past few
    months, but I wanted to thank you for what your work has meant to my dear
    friend. Your music has touched people in ways you are not even aware.

    God bless you with many more years and ways to serve.

    Peter Batesvia email
  • James, you’ve been such an important part of my life, I don’t want to lose you. However, I won’t cry because it’s over, but smile.

    Lu Wennekervia email
  • Dear, dear James,

    And so here I am, all these years later, a more complete Elizabeth for having come to sing at All Saints. Your genuine care, support, encouragement, desire to make each note better and more musical than the last — all in an amazingly supportive and positive fashion has led me to places and performances I had never dreamed possible!
    From the Gospel repertoire to the Renaissance pieces at Tenebrae, each has been so very special in its own wonderful way.
    Tonight I am so thankful for the gift of music you have so generously shared with me, tearful that it has come to an end after all these years, and so very hopeful that our paths will continue to cross in so many ways… I do “get” it and know that you will take this next step knowing you have me, and I am certain the rest of us in Coventry at All Saints cheering, supporting and watching with great anticipation all you are going to do!
    Dear friend, THANK YOU, both through music and conversation that you’ve shared with me over these 26 years. It has been a blessing in my life, and I am a better person because of it!
    With love and appreciation,

    Elizabeth Championvia letters
  • James,
    Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am for this past year together. I am saddened to see you leave, but so extremely happy for you. This has been such an extraordinary year and so much of that is because of your wonderful leadership and faith in me. I have accomplished so much this year and attempted so many new things, and for that I will be forever thankful.
    You will be deeply missed, but your presence clearly resonates with so many people at AS. I will do my all to help uphold the standard of excellence and specificity you demand.
    Thank you again, and I look forward to when we can work together more in the future! Best of luck and best wishes.

    Kelci Hahnvia letters
  • Dear James,
    We are saddened by your departure and can’t imagine Sunday mornings without your leadership. Your music has inspired us, comforted us and held us up for all the years we have attended. Many Sunday mornings, it was the music I didn’t want to miss. You are exceptional and I can’t imagine All Saints without you — it just won’t be the same.
    Thank you for your many years of dedicated service, leadership and inspiration. I regret not showing my appreciation more often over the years.
    We wish you all the best on the next step of your journey … please hold our gratitude with you always.
    With every good wish,
    Marianne, Daniel, Christopher and Carrie Ryan

    Marianne Ryanvia letter
  • It’s been an honor to sing under you and learn from you. Thanks for sharing your talent. Best of luck on your next adventures!

    Gloria Beverst DeCostevia Facebook
  • Thank you for your soul-​piercing, life-​giving, grace-​filled music ministry. You have been the only priest who has been at ASC since I have. I will miss your impact on my life!

    Deborah Lynne Ogden via Facebook