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Free Recordings for Christmas 2016

Free Recordings for Christmas 2016
Tuesday, November 29, 2016 James Walker
photo of fog over a California coastal forestFog over a California coastal forest

These three pieces from composer David V. Montoya are yours for the holidays. Composed in 1994, Montoya found the texts while reading poetry of the 16th-​century Spanish mystic St. John of the Cross. The poems are enlightening and wonderfully relevant to modern life, as we search for mystical union with the Creator.

A graduate of Cal State LA and the University of Nevada, David has taught music to Southern California junior and senior high students for 23 years. Currently, he is at La Habra High School where he teaches choral music as well as guitar, piano and advanced placement music theory. You can learn more about him at

These recordings are from a live performance on June 5, 2016, by Coventry Choir with soloists Daniel Ramon and Zanaida Robles.

Download the recordings

Add Three Poems by St. John of the Cross to your listening library. Free download to your mobile device, tablet and computer.

montoya-01-Del-Verbo-Divino.m4a (15 downloads) montoya-02-Llama-de-amor-viva.m4a (11 downloads) montoya-03-Suma-de-perfeccion.m4a (9 downloads)

Listen online

Listen to the score without leaving your browser. Enjoy Coventry Choir’s performance of Three Poems by St. John of the Cross from Spring Concert 2016. Listen