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Gary Bachlund appointed Composer-in-Residence

Gary Bachlund appointed Composer-in-Residence
Wednesday, September 1, 1993 web-editor

I first met Gary Bachlund in 1968, when he was cast to play King Melchior as I was preparing to play the title role in Menotti’s Amahl and the Night Visitors. He was in his early 20’s at the time, possessing a glorious baritone voice. We kept in touch over the years, and our musical paths crossed several times. He went on to become a Wagnerian tenor, with a prestigious career, especially in Germany. 

Also, in the early 1990’s he went back to UCLA to get a doctorate in music composition. Once again our paths crossed, as he began to write choral pieces and large-​scale organ pieces. I don’t remember who brought it up, but we thought it would be mutually beneficial to engage Gary as our composer-​in-​residence at All Saints (a volunteer position!). For several years, he greatly enriched our musical/​liturgical life with his works. 

And he’s still writing… I just received a new and intriguing organ piece a few weeks ago, inspired by 34 (i.e. my 34 years at ASC).” — James Walker, May 9, 2017

Title Premiere date Musicians
Blessed Are You  Sun, Feb 15, 1998  Coventry with Leslie Inman 
Blessed Be The Children  Sun, May 21, 1995  Coventry with Sara Camp 
Concerto Grosso in B major for Organ, Harpsichord and Orchestra  Sun, May 18, 1997  James Walker, chamber orchestra 
Gentle God Sun, May 21, 1995  Coventry with Sara Camp 
I Thank Thee O God, from Twelve Psalm Verses  Sun, Oct 20, 1996  Canterbury
Lead Me Sun, Apr 29, 2007  Coventry
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis  Sun, Mar 5, 2000  Canterbury
Prayer to the Healing God  Sun, May 26, 1996  Canterbury
Requiem for the Victims of AIDS  Sun, Mar 21, 1993  Coventry
Signs of Your Presence  Sun, Oct 26, 2008  Canterbury
The One God, Praise  Sun, Mar 13, 1996  Coventry with Thomas Burns 
These Children We Dedicate  Sun, Oct 25, 1998  Canterbury