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Early Interest

Organ Stop Pacifies Artistic Temperament

Early Interest
Sunday, January 3, 1988 James Walker
photo of concert marketing postcard

Even when James was quite young, he manifested a turn to the artistic. His temperament, while not described as difficult, was always, shall we say, discriminating.

One day while attending services without a pacifier, James expressed his feelings in a very vocal fashion. In order to quiet this trumpeting protest, the organ master picked up the nearest item at hand, a loose organ stop, and offered it as a possible solution. The gift was accepted with amazing results and the raging sforzando became pianissimo. The silver spoon didn’t have a chance against the organ stop, and a course was set.

We all know there are many concert organists out there, and a few are very good. But James, although very serious about his study and performing, wanted you to know that he does not take himself so seriously that he can’t share a little humor at his own expense.

When booking your concert series, consider James Walker, the organist who is very serious about his music and your enjoyment of it.