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New 3-​service Christmas Eve schedule begins

New 3-​service Christmas Eve schedule begins
Tuesday, December 24, 1985 web-editor
  • 4:00 PM Family service led by children’s choirs
  • 7:30 PM Eucharist led by Canterbury Choir
  • 10:30 PM Eucharist led by Coventry Choir

For many years, All Saints was on a schedule of two services for Christmas Eve — the 4pm Family Service and the 10:30pm service with Coventry Choir, that began with a 30-​minute “concert”, usually a major work such as the Bach Magnificat, with chamber orchestra. Such was the case when I was hired, and it was a sweet schedule! By 1984, the church was standing room only for those two services, and a group was formed to see if an additional service could be added in 1985, in much the same way as adding a second choral Sunday morning service each week. The 7:30pm Christmas Eve service was thus born.