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Choirs begin a two-​morning-​services schedule

Alternating weeks between Canterbury and Coventry choirs

Choirs begin a two-​morning-​services schedule
Sunday, November 3, 1985 James Walker

When I was hired as associate organist, there was one adult choir and one sung service each Sunday at 10 AM. It was sweet, sweet, sweet.

Within a year or so, that one service had grown to the point that people really couldn’t find a seat. The decision was made to move to a two-​sung-​service schedule, with identical services (i.e. not one fun one and one boring one, or one “folk-​style” music and one “classical” music, etc.). This necessitated one choir singing both services, which would be unsustainable in the long-​haul.

This is how Canterbury Choir was born. The group began as a “Y’all come,” with most of the singers coming from those who sang in Summer Choir at the time. This new choir started rehearsing two Saturdays each month, was called “Seasonal Choir” and began singing once a month.